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Sublime, one and only porcelain cufflinks exquisitely made and finished by hand. Velvety soft, milky white Limoges porcelain delicately painted by hand to celebrate beauty in small, transient moments. These enchanting cufflinks will delight with their painterly quality and a luminosity of watercolor.

What better way to celebrate an 18th or 20th wedding anniversary than a pair of beautiful cufflinks sculpted by hand from porcelain: a symbol of the delicate yet hard-wearing nature of marital love, strong and impermeable to stand the test of time and prized for its durability.

Made in London by Studio Herondale/The Cufflink Alchemist. Luxuriously white and silken French Limoges porcelain is sculpted by hand before being fired slowly to 1280 degrees Celsius in a German-built kiln. The cufflinks are meticulously buffed by hand by the artist and left unglazed, producing a sensual velvet-like surface with unparalleled tactile quality.

Approximately 1.5 cm in length and width.

Presented in a beautiful box lined with inky black suede. Free shipping worldwide with DHL Express International.


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