STUDIO HERONDALE is the creation of London-based artist Elif Kaban Bowers. The Turkish-born maker's approach to jewellery draws on a number of influences and experiences: travels to Russia, Central Asia and Africa as a foreign correspondent, keepsakes collected during summers in the Mediterannean, ancient civilizations that have passed through Anatolia, from the Hittites to Lycians to ancient Greeks to the Ottomans, textures and patterns in nature and the never-ending search for new techniques that intrigue and inspire.


The creations are a visceral response: they capture a sense of place and time, a fleeting emotion, a memory. Porcelain, valued for both its durability and its delicacy, becomes a blank canvas on which to tell a story: fused with fine silver, left naked, contrasted with found materials and minerals or uniquely sourced gemstones and ancient corals collected over a lifetime from far-flung destinations. The result is a distinctive piece of art to wear and enjoy.


No two pieces are the same. Each piece is individually made by hand, resulting in endless variations of shape, surface and texture. Tactile surfaces and a sense of movement characterize the designs. Delicate  porcelain circles tinkle softly to the wearer's movement, allowing the senses to flow unimpeded. Sculptural kinetic earrings move freely. Beautiful and mysterious crystals gently help the flow of energy.

A finished creation can take weeks to make, fired multiple times in the kiln. There is something delicious about wearing a tactile, sensuous piece of raw porcelain jewellery whose making took all the hours and days and nights it needed  -- a sense of having been gifted stolen time.

Family Legacy

I come from a family of pioneering women who were pathfinders in society. Growing up in 1950s Turkey, both my mother and her older sister cut through social and religious barriers to become fighter pilots in the Turkish Air Force. In my own way, I have carried some of that energy forward to find my own inspiration, within myself and everyday life.

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